e. Degns Fønix

u. Anja

Born 15th of May 2002.
9 puppies: 5 females 4 males.
8 dogs x-rayes free from HD/AA.
9 dogs mentality tested.
8 dogs taken the Swedish korning and 6 are KORAD.
8 dogs used actively for police service and/or competing.
5 dogs used for breeding.


Degns Fønix


Rasko von Karthago
Bandit van Gogh
Arek vom Stoffelblick
Munja v.d.Rensefelder Schlucht
Xambra von Karthago
Cliffavon der Möhnequelle
Randa von Karthago
Degn's Glena
Chicco von der Fasanerie
Vico vom Wolfendobel
Cora von der Fasanerie
Degn's Nanja
Toro vom Busecker Schloss
Degns Hekla
Anja Vintermarkens Gandhi Atenagårdens Olf Atenagårdens Jemo
Madore Tafia
Vintermarkens Cajsa Salta Killens Fritz
Sachka's Ebonita
Atenagårdens Vixy Atenagårdens Tabo HasseMans Axxe
Atenagårdens Lura
Deng's Katla Kweo's Bilbo
Deng's Columbine

The litters MH-test

The litters Korningstest

Name: KORAD Vargfjell's Beat Them All ("Beat")

Owner: Ronny Iversen

Results: B-approved summer in NRH, C tracking and C search in NBF

Korad with amazingly 292 points!

HD: A, AA: A

Mother of Vargfjell's F-litter


Name: KORAD Vargfjell's Buddy

Owner: Erik Gunnerud

HD: B, AA: A

Results: Approved SAR dog and disaster area search dog with Norwegian Rescuedogs.

The dog has been used for breeding.

Name: KORAD Vargfjell's Balto

Owner: Johan Eliassen

Results: Approved policetest. Patroldog with the police.

Police-Norwegian Championships best trackingdog 2006.

HD: C, AA: A

Name: KORAD Vargfjell's Birka

Owner: Monica Torgersen

Results: Elite obedience

HD: A, AA: A

Mother of Vargfjell's E-litter



Name: KORAD Vargfjell's Bizzy

Owner: Thoralf Søndbø

Results: Norwegian champion SL III 2005 , SchH I, IPOII, obedience class 3, C search and C tracking in NBF.

HD: A, AA: A

The dog has been used for breeding.



Name: Vargfjell's Buckie

Owner: Sissel Dymbe Djønne

HD: A, AA: A

Name: KORAD Vargfjell's Balder

Owner: Vidar Neteland

Results: Approved policetest. Patroldog with the police.

HD: A, AA: A



Name: KORAD Vargfjell's Baghera

Owner: Stian Elle

Results: Approved policetest, obedience class 2

HD: A, AA: A



Name: Vargfjell's B-Arez

Owner: Richard Jamieson

Results: Patroldog with the police

HD: A, AA: A