e. Elch von Kohrener-Land

u. Anja

Born 10th of May 2003
8 puppies: 4 females 4 males.
All dogs x-rayes free from HD/AA.
All dogs mentality tested
7 dogs taken the Swedish korning, 4 are KORAD.
6 dogs used actively in working dog competitions and other forms of competing.

Elch vom Kohrener-Land Brando von der Marderklause Irk vom Peri-Hof Lord von Gleidreieck
Biggi vom Peri-Hof
Odett von der Marderklause Maik vom blauen Modenesen
Indra von der Marderklause
Cini von der Schwanenstadt Lito von Trafalga Dom vom Rolandsteich
Tendy von Trafalga
Afra von der Schwanestadt Aron vom Tümmelsberg
Otta von der Hasenheide
Anja Vintermarkens Gandhi Atenagårdens Olf Atenagårdens Jemo
Madore Tafia
Vintermarkens Cajsa Salta Killens Fritz
Sachka's Ebonita
Atenagårdens Vixy Atenagårdens Tabo HasseMans Axxe
Atenagårdens Lura
Deng's Katla Kweo's Bilbo
Deng's Columbine

The litters MH-test

The litters Korningstest

Video of some of the dogs during korning

Name: IPOI Vargfjell's Calle

Owner: Geir Støckert

HD: A, AA: A


Name: KORAD Vargfjell's Cizmo

Owner: Trine Holm

HD: A, AA: A

Results:  A search, C tracking and obedience class 2


Name: KORAD Vargfjell's C Il Tempo Gigante "Tempo"

Owner: Yngvil Knutsen

HD: B, AA: A

Results: B-approved summer in NRH. B tracking and C search, obedience class 2.

Name: KORAD FHII Vargfjell's Chika

Owner: Gro Gjetrang

HD: A, AA: A

Results: BH-test, obedience class 2, qualified for RSP 3, RRP 3 with CERT.

Norwegian champion in RRP for German Shepherd Dogs 2007

Name: Vargfjell's Chablis

Owner: Sølvi Elle

HD: A, AA: A

The dog has been put to sleep.

Name: Vargfjell's Cita

Owner: Leif Gunnar Skancke

HD: B, AA: A

Results: Highly successfull as "my girl".

Name: KORAD Vargfjell's Chanty

Owner: Bjørnar Halvorsen

HD: A, AA: A

Name: Vargfjell's Cendo

Owner: Trude Bakken

HD: A, AA: A

Results: qualified for class C-tracking and search