e. Cha-De's Kalle u. Vargfjells Anna

Born 3rd of August 2004
6 puppies: 3 females 3 males
5 dogs x-rayes free from HD/AA
3 dogs mentality tested
2 dogs taken the Swedish korning
All dogs used actively in police service, working dog competing and other forms of competing

ChaDe's Kalle Fiasko v.Gebrüder Grimm Lord v. Gleisdreieck
Chila v. Gebrüder Grimm
Pa- Schacks Tessy Kweo's Bilbo
Nanja vom Schwarzen Brink
Vargfjells Anna Atenagårdens Olf Atenagårdens Jemo
Madore Tafia
Atenagårdens Vixy Atenagårdens Tabo
Degn's Katla
Name: BH Vargfjells D-Varga

Owner: Ann-Merete Pedersen

Resultater: BH-test and qualified for class C NBF.

HD: A, AA: A


Name: Vargfjells Dark Angel Mozilla

Owner: Vigdis Knutsdotter Stifjell

Results: Qualified for obedience class 3, qualified for classes A tracking and A search.

HD: D, AA: C


Swedish korningstest

Name: Vargfjells D-Birk

Owner: Gard Lindberg

HD: A, AA: A

Results: Approved patroldog with the police.



Name: Vargfjells Drama

Owner: Tor-Arve Bergland

HD: A, AA: A


Swedish korningstest

Name: KORAD BH IPOIII(cert) Vargfjells Dolf

Owner: Knut Oskarsen

HD: A, AD: A

Results: BH-test, qualified for classes A-search and A-tracking. Approved IPOIII(cert)



Name: Vargfjells Draco

Owner: Oddmund Nes


The dog has been put to sleep.