Cent vom Haus Wedus

Sch III – IPO III FH 1+2
Avelskl. 1
Tysk HD indeks 71

Don vom Hus Iris

Alf vom Körnersee
Gabi v.d. alten Wassermühle

Hella v.d. Mittelhäuser Flur

Gerry v.d. Zitadellenburg
Cessi vom Gleisdreieck
Anja Vintermarkens Ghandi Atenagårdens Olf
Vintermarkens Kaisa
Atenagårdens Vixy Atenagårdens Tabo
Degn’s Katla



Cent vom Haus Wedus

Sch III – IPO III FH 1+2
Breedclass 1
German HD indeks 71

The night before the 1st of April 2007, 5 females were born. 4 grey and 1 black. All the puppies seems very lively and did not waste time before getting something to eat after birth.

Anja is the mother of our B and C litters (17 puppies - 16 free from HD and AA. One has C on a hip). There are alot of police service- and competitiondogs in the two litters and several (6 of them) has been used for breeding. Our E - F - G litters are after dogs in Anjas B-litter.
Cent is a temperamental dog with high preydrive and good consentration. He is open, accsesible, loves people and dogs. His HD index (71) is among the best in German Shepherds. His offspring seems very promising and all those x-rayed has A result.
The puppies will only be sold to people active in service or working dog activities.

More about Cent on GSD Pedigree Search or  kennelen Grauen von Monstab.



The litters MH-test

Name: Vargfjells Hot Chilli

Owner: Malvin Hårklau

HD: A  AA: A

Results: Obedience class II, NBF-tracking class A with cert, NBF-search class A. Korad 445 p.

Name: Vargfjells Henny

Owner: Camilla Skovly

HD: C  AA: A

Results: B approved SAR dog in NRH. Korad 447 p. 

Name: Vargfjells Hera

Owner: Beate Sem

HD: A  AA: A

Results: B approved SAR don in NRH. Korad 537 p. Passed the police mentality test. 

Name: Vargfjells H-Reha

Owner: Gry Lauvlid

HD: A  AA: A

Korad 481 p. 

Name: Vargfjells Helle

Owner: Frode Sjovatsen

HD: A  AA: A

Results: Korad 470. A approved SAR dog in NRH.


The Puppies are 5 1/2 weeks old

This week there were so many pictures, I made an entire album for the puppies.

See all the pictures here!

The Puppies are 4 weeks old

The Puppies are 3 weeks old

The Puppies are 10 days old

The puppies are doing well and they have become quite fat! They were born with a weight around 500 g and now they weigh 1300g! It seems all the little females has good appetites and strenght :-)