Irene and Knut Oskarsen are the owners and managers of Kennel Vargfjell. Knut has been interested in dogs and dog training most of his life. Since the mid 1980’s, he has been active with German Shepherds in tracking, search and obedience. He has participated in the Norwegian Championship and Nordic Championship with three different dogs, and his best result was 3rd place at Norwegian Championship and Nordic Champion in tracking in 1998. He has been competing in both tracking and search.

During the last years, Knut has been working as an instructor. He has also arranged many courses, and for instance been an instructor at Sølen the last years. He has an interest in the working abilities in German Shepherds, and is of the opinion that the German Shepherds today does not have the necessary drives and willingness to work. As a result, he wants to breed German Shepherds from pure work lines to achieve dogs that are more willing to work.

Irene is in charge of the litters and the daily care of the dogs of Kennel Vargfjell, while Knut is taking care of the training.

If you are interested in a puppy from Kennel Vargfjell, please be in touch!

Irene og Knut Oskarsen, Otto Amundsensv. 12,
3610 Kongsberg

Tlf: 473 15 336 - 327 33 542    

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