10th August 2015 : N SE BCH Vargfjells Inouk along with owner Anne Tvedt became Norwegian Champions in tracking at Hønefoss August 8th. They won Kongepokalen and have been qualified to compete in the Nordic Championship in Stockholm 17th-20th September. Congratulations, and good luck!

22nd April 2015 : Vargfjells Linus has been named patroledog of the year 2014 in Norway. Congratulations to Linus and Nils Jørgen Stamland!
7th October 2014 : Congratulations to:
Christine Movik and Marco with approval as rescue dog class A in NRH
Tore Poortman and Noia with approval as rescue dog class A in NRH
Camilla Jakola and Orkan with approval as rescue dog class A in NRH
22nd June 2014 : Congratulations to Malvin and Hot Chili with cert in both tracking and search!
14th October : Congratulations to Cecilie and Vargfjells Lara with the A-tracking qualification!
9th September : Congratulations to Peter and Vargfjells Jago with silver medal in the Swedish Championship's for police dogs, protection work group!
6th August : Congratulations to the M-litter and Aron for passing the Swedish mt-test!
4th June : Peter and Jago participated in Nordic championship for police dogs. Team gold and individual bronze! Jago was the best dog in tracking and second best in protection work. Congratulations!
18th May : Congratulations to Anne Tvedt and Inouk with their third Working Dog Cert and champion title.
26th March : Cecilie Stenbro won C tracking and qualified for B with Lara.
Lara has passed the Swedish MT with 538 p.
27th November : Peter and Vargfjells Jago placed 4th in protection dog work in the Swedish Championship 2012. Jago was also the best rescue search dog 2012. Congratulations!

9th October : Ronny got the title Tracking King 2012 and Vargfjells Frida became the Tracking Queen. This is a huge achievement that this kennel really appreaciates. They were the only participants that came to the end.
Congratulations and good luck!

29th September : Dunja and Knut has today competed in SPHII in Denmark. They passed with 96 p. Congratulations!
9th September : Congratulations to Cecilie and Lara with 183 p in Obedience class II and qualification for class III.
11th June : Anne Tvedt and her dog Inouk participated in A-track. They won with 605 points and cert!
3rd June : Tina Fjelddalen and Jailbird participated in a B-tracking competition and was qualified for A!
21st May : Gard Linberg's dog Vargfjells Kira has been approved as Police Dog.
16th April : Nils Jørgen Stamland's dog Linus has been approved as Police Dog.
Knut Nygård's dog Lenny has been approved as Police Dog.
Congratulations to both!
30th October : Camilla Alvheims dog Kenzo is now an approved patroledog with the police.
18th September : Terje Sandstå and his dog Kenza participated in B-search at Voss and was qualified for A-search.

Knut and Dunja has been to Denmark and passed IPOIII. Dunja is now titled with IPOIII.
28th August : Anne Tvedt and her dog Inouk had their NBF-tracking class A debute today. They won, achieved cert and 593,5 p. Very strong and deserved Anne, you are in the top now.
10th July :

Cecilie and her dog Lara participated in an obedience competition at Hønefoss. They had their debute in class I, won with 181 p and was quilified for class II! Congratulations!

10th July :

Cecilie Stenbro and her dog Lara had their NBF D-tracking debute and quilified for C-tracking! Congratulations!

27th June :

Gard Lindbergs dog Kira has passed the police dog test.
Knut Nygårds dog Lenny has passed the police dog test.
Nils Jørgen Stamlands dog Linus has passed the police dog test.

8th June :

Terje Sandstå and Kenza was qualified for A-tracking 4/6-2011. Congratulations!

Malvin Hårklau and Hot Chilli won A-tracking with 615 p and cert in Voss last weekend.

19th April :

Anne and Inouk won B-tracking at Sarpsborg last weekend and is now qualified for A-tracking. Congratulations!

15th March :

Knut and Dunja has qualified for BHPII-title with the results 96-88-82. Congratulations!

15th November :

Frode Sjovartsen and his dog Vargfjells Helle has been A approved in NRH summer. Congratulations!

11th October :

Knut and Dunja has been to Denmark. Saturday they qualified for the BH-title. Sunday they participated in SchHI with the results A-100 p, B-96 p and C-90 p. Congratulations!

10th October :

Malvin and Hot Chilli has competed in B-tracking at Kvam and got quailified for A-tracking! Congratulations!

19th September :

Qualifications in NBF working dog program:

Malvin and Hot Chilli from C to B search 11. september in Drammen.
Malvin and Hot Chilli from B to A search 18. september at Voss.
Malvin and Hot Chilli achieved 570 p in their A search debute 19. september!

Terje and Kenza from C to B search 18. september at Voss.

Tina and Jaily from C to B tracking 19. september at Hønefoss.

Hanne and Iso from D to C tracking 18. september at Kongsberg.


8th August :

We would like to congratulate Knut and Dolf with the qualification for A-tracking!

29th July :

Peter Nordgrens dog Vargfjells Jago has been approved as police dog in Sweden. Congratulations!

5th July :

We would like to congratulate Ronny Iversen and his dog Vargfjells Frida with the A approval as SAR dog by NRH.

10th June :

Camilla and Vargfjells Kenzo has been tested by the police. They passed the test with 240 p!

Terje and Vargfjells Kenza has been qualified for B-tracking.

25th May :

Congratulations to Trine and Justy for beeing qualified to C-search and tracking. A great debut!

22nd May :

Congratulations to Anne and Vargfjells Inouk for beeing qualified for B-tracking and for winning C-tracking at Stovner H.K.

18th May :

We would like to congratulate Terje and Vargfjells Kenza for beeing qualified for C-tracking.

We would like to congratulate Tina and Vargfjells Jailbird with the BH-title.

30th March :

Vargfjells Kleopatra has earned the BH-title. Congratulations!

02nd Febuary :

Vargfjells Hera has passed the police mentality test. Congratulations!

02nd December :

Bjørn Tonheim and his dog Vargfjells Iko has passed the BH-test. Congratulations!

30th November :

Renas dog Vargfjells Fame has been B approved as SAR dog in NRH

23rd November :

Vargfjells Frida - B approved SAR dog.

19th November :

Vargfjells Hera - B approved SAR dog.
Vargfjells Henny - B approved SAR dog

18. October :

Vargfjells Dolf has participated in IPOIII test with these results: 96-90-93 and cert.
Vargfjells Easy har participated in IPOI test with these results: 97-91-92.

8. October :

We would like to congratulate Ronny Iversen and Frida with a very good 3rd place in The Challenge at Sølen last weekend. A good achievement from Gard and D-Birk with 11th place.
Trond and Eno got the price for best obedience/area search.
We congratulate you all with the effort.
Irene and Knut

6. September :

We congratulate Ronny and Frida with qualification for B-search! They participated in a search competition at Nidaros this weekend.

5. September :

We congratulate Tina and Jaily with qualification for C-tracking and search, and with 2nd place out of 15 participants in the tracking competitinon on Hønefoss!

31. August :

Geir and Vargfjells Calle has been approved in IPOII. Congratulations!

16. August :

Britt and her dog Gulle has been approved in SchHIII. Congratulations!

8. August :

Andres dog Guido has been approved as Search and Rescue dog. Congratulations!

22. June :

Britt Mikkelsen and Gulle has been approved in IPOIII last saturday and SLIII last sunday. Congratulations!

17. June :

Malvin and Hot Chilli has participated in obedience class I and qualified for class II, started NBF-tracking class D and qualified for class C, and started tracking class C and qualified for class B. Congratulations!

Trine Holm and Just in Time has participated in obedience class I. They won with 187 points and qualified for class II! Congratulations!

28. May :

Bjørn Vidar Brunvolls dog F-Super has been approved as a police dog. Congratulations!

21. May :

Anne and Inouk has qualified for C. They won D-tracking in Oslo. Congratulations!

24. March :

Jens Stedjes dog F-Kaktus has been approved as a police dog. Congratulations!

23. March :

Trond Eidem has been at the policeacademy with his dog Eno and undertaken the approval trial for policedog work. Eno passed the test. Congratulations!

8. March :

Restults after Vargfjell dogs competitions will be posted here.