BH IPOI Vargfjell's Easy

e. Olix von Mark Ottenhain
u. Vargfjells Birka

Born on the 3rd of April, 2005

Vargfjells Easy is from our E-litter which had a total of 7 puppies. This is a bitch that already shows great fighting drive and interest in prey. She is a very good tracking dog and may be the most promising puppy Knut has trained for years. Kennel Vargfjell hopes she will continue her progress and that both she and the rest of the litter grow up healthy, so she can be used for breeding in the future.

Pedigree The E-litter

KORAD BH SPHII SchHI BHPII IPOIII Dunja von der Wilden Teufeln

e. Evan v.d. Grauen von Monstab
u. Cessy v.d. Birkenchäferei


Dunja is a very interesting addition to our breeding. Her lines are 100% of the old work lines from DDR. She has the great ancestors on 13A lines in her pedigree, which was where they placed the best serving and working dogs in the old DDR. We hope to add valuable new blood to our breeding with Dunja.

Here you can see pictures of Dunjas parents.