Atenagården's Olf

Olf developed liver cancer after a short time of illness, and we chose to put him to sleep before he experienced too much pain.
Olf has followed me at work and training for more than nine years. He made a great impression with his results and personality. He participated in six Norwegian Championships and 3 Nordic Championships, and won as best Nordic Champion in Finland in 1998.
He is deeply missed and will be hard to replace.

- Knut og Irene

Grådalen's Fame

Fame only reached the age of 4 years.
She suddenly became ill, and after 14 days of veterinary treatment without improvement, we were strongly recommended to put her to sleep for humanitarian reasons.
We decided she should suffer no more. On Friday 22nd April 2005 we had to take the heavy choice and put her to sleep.
She was an incredibly kind and industrious dog, who will be missed for a long time.

- Knut og Irene


e. Vintermarkens Gandhi
u. Atenagårdens Vixy

I would like to write a few words about our wonderful bitch Anja. Anja came to us as an 8 weeks old puppy in 2000. She descents from Atenagårdens Old and Vintermarkens Kaisa. Already as a puppy she was a very selfreliant and sociable dog. She was the one who really got me thinking about breeding. There are lots of great offspring like police dogs, Search and Rescue dogs and competition dogs.

There are very few who have delivered offspring like these both on the mental and physical side like Anja has. Vargfjells litters with Anja: B-, C-, H- and J-litters. There are 28 puppies where everyone is x-rayed and the result is 28 free from AA and 26 free from HD, 2 has got C on one hip. All dogs from the three earliest litters have been mentality tested and they have taken the korning. The J-litter is to be tested on the September 2009. The testresults for all dogs can be found under previous litters.

Presently we breed on her offspring and her marvelous abilities are still inherited by their offspring again, which we and our buyers greatly appreciates. A wonderfull breeding bitch whom I wish many many great years as a retired dog. Thank you, Anja, for lots of great puppies.